We Are The Tree Shop

A Melbourne institution for over five years, we've recently been repotted from Hawthorn to Surrey Hills, bringing all of our experience with us. We have a huge passion for cultivating the highest quality trees and indoor plants in the city, and relish helping people grow and improve their gardens.

At our nursery, our mantra rests on the fact that "We Help You Grow". We aim to be a hub of botanical information and activity in the local community, offering free and impartial botanical advice to anyone wishing to know more about arboriculture. We are always on hand to offer expert advice.

That's why we've launched our #askthetreeshop hashtag on our social media platforms. Simply use this line or tag us in a Facebook or Instagram post with a gardening or arboriculture query, and receive advice from the experts along with a customised Pinterest board packed with useful information and tips relevant to you