About Bulleen

Located 13 kms north-east of Melbourne’s CBD in Victoria, the suburb of Bulleen is home to many people both young and old and from various backgrounds. The suburb comprises a large land area with the Yarra River along the northern border, with sprawling parklands and sports facilities.

Wide Range of Trees, Shrubs and Plants available in Bulleen

You will certainly find your match among our wide range of trees, shrubs and plants that are available at our nursery or online. Our range includes small, tall, bushy, fine and every other variety in between. If you are after a particular colour, shape or size, you will be spoiled for choice at The Tree Shop.

To find your closest nursery, please call us on (03) 9819 9966

Types of Plants and Trees Available

Given below are major types of plants and trees are available at our Bulleen Nursery.

Variety and Sizes

We stock a wide range of tree, plant and shrub varieties of differing sizes. We understand that each outdoor or indoor green space is unique, so we cater to all requirements. Whether you are after a tall tree to provide protection to your home from the weather or a bushy tree to assist with privacy, we have all varieties available to you for pick up in store or delivery to your property.

Highest Standards

Our plant varieties are bred to the highest standards. We do not believe in selling unhealthy plants, trees or shrubs to our customers. We take care in working with our suppliers so that we source reliable and trustworthy varieties so that we can provide you with the comfort you need when you make your decision.

Good Value for Money

We help you choose the right plants for your indoor or outdoor green space. Instead of making the decision alone, we can assist you in making the right choice so that your plant turnover rate is low! Let us help you consider your environment, you available planting spaces, your design requirements and any other factors you consider are important when selecting your plants.


To help you receive the plants, tree or shrubs that you like, we can deliver to your home or business. We deliver to every suburb and work closely with a select group of delivery personnel who are skilled and experienced in handling your order carefully.

Bulleen Nursery

Frequently Asked Questions- Bulleen Nursery

Yes we do. If you are after anything in particular, we recommend that you contact us in advance so that we can check what we have available. We can help provide tailored advice if that would assist you in making your decision.

We offer 2 levels of service designed to provide you with the ideas and solutions you need to re-imagine your green space. Our qualified and creative staff are here to work with you to create a garden that you will love in every season, with plants that will thrive in your landscape.

Yes you can still buy plants online through our online shop during the Coronavirus and pick them up in-store. Please adhere to the social distancing rules whilst at our Bulleen nursery to ensure everybody is safe.

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