Caulfield Nursery

Caulfield is a growing suburb with a rich and diverse cultural vibe located 13 kms south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. Home to a variety of schools, parklands, Monash University and other amenities, people are drawn to the suburb because it has all the essentials. As a popular destination for couples wanting to start a family, the mix of single-dwelling and apartment living offers opportunities to create innovative green spaces.

Wide Range of Trees, Shrubs and Plants available in Caulfield Nursery

Caulfield has a great climate and ideal soil conditions to plant a variety of trees, shrubs and plants. You will be able to plant your favourite plants without difficulty and create spectacular green spaces that will amaze your visitors. Avoid creating an indoor or outdoor area that has been designed before, and take your creativity to the next level with the freedom to choose from a great selection of plants without the expensive price tag at The Tree Shop.

Types of Plants and Trees Available at Caulfield Nursery

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Variety and Sizes

Our plant, tree and shrub range are available in many sizes, colours and types. We stock many varieties of Evergreen Trees, Fruit Trees, Indoor Plants and Bamboo Plants. Based on the design of your garden, your property’s features, and the décor of your property, you can select plants, tree and shrubs to match. You will be spoiled for choice so that you can create the ultimate green space with a mix of short or tall plants, bushy or lean plants, and bright or neutral plants.

Highest Standards

Our plants have been nurtured and cultivated to the highest standards. Our nursery has appropriate shading, watering infrastructure, provision of quality nutrients, pest control and superior soil conditions to ensure that our varieties are healthy and ready for their new home. Whether you are after inground or potted varieties, we stock them all so that you are not limited in what you can create. Even if you have a small balcony or courtyard, you can still create the best green space possible.

Good Value for Money

Our plants will last a long time if planted and maintained correctly. Whether you are a home owner looking to lay the foundations of a great garden, a keen gardener in need of a statement piece or looking to renovate a garden to meet your changing needs, we take the time to understand your tastes and what your garden means to you. We will guide you in the right direction, so you choose the best plants for your property that will continue to flower and grow every year.


Our delivery service is managed by skilled and knowledgeable couriers who take care in preserving your plants, trees or shrubs during transit. They will carefully place the plants at your required destination, and you can take comfort knowing that your new floral friend is healthy on arrival.

FAQs- Caulfield Nursery

We have a huge passion for cultivating the highest quality mature trees and indoor plants in Melbourne, and relish helping people grow and improve their gardens. You will find a plant you like in our extensive catalogue.

Yes, we have a considered range of pots which we have selected for their quality and suitability for our plant range. Let us help you select the right pot for your plant so that it grows well and stays healthy.

Yes. You can still buy plants online through our online shop during the Coronavirus and pick them up in-store. Please adhere to the social distancing rules whilst at our nursery to ensure everybody is safe.

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