Green up your Holiday season

5 ways to green up your holiday season!

1.       Indoor plants!

This might seem like a no brainer but you can get super creative with plants indoors during the holiday season. You can take your hanging plants and drape them along tables and mantle pieces as a center piece or as part of a larger display. Turn one of your bigger plants into a funky Christmas tree by decking them out with twinkle lights and a few baubles. And if you’re having an event there is nothing from stopping you from bringing in some big potted out door plants in for a day for some real WOW factor!



2.       Gifts

Indoor plants are the hottest thing around right now and they make a great gift. When shopping for a planty gift there are a couple of things to keep in mind: Size – as much as we all would love to receive a 2m tall bamboo palm, not all of us have the space, so if you’re not sure what to go for, choose a plant that’s on the smaller size. Pots – the upside of going for a smaller plant is that it leaves you money to invest in a pot. After all, every plant needs a pot to call home. There are so many great pots around these days that you will be sure to find one to suit. Our advice is to opt for a pot and saucer combo rather than a pot with no holes. This means that the plant can be potted out which allows for more growth (and looks better) and reduces the risk of over watering. Light: this is the number one factor that will determine what plant you should pick for your gift. If the eventual home of the plant is North facing and super sunny, you can go for things like Fiddle Leaf figs and Umbrella trees. In a darker spot you can opt for Devil’s Ivy and ferns. Getting the right plant for the right lighting conditions will help ensure that your plant gift stays happy as Larry.



3.       Decorating

There isn’t any style of holiday decorating that can’t use a little green to give it the luxe feel. Mix in some dried branches to your table centers to add some structure. For a more modern feel arrange some branches of Camelia or Magnolia (anything with a firm, large, deep green leaves) with some white candles in glass. Collect pine cones and large gum nuts and decorate with gold or silver for a Scandinavian touch. Make the most of the greenery around you and your next holiday event is sure to feel that bit extra special.


4.       Food and drink

With the warmer weather our herb gardens will be growing like mad so make the most of it! Herbs take every meal to the next level, both with taste and presentation. Even a simple pasta salad becomes something special when you mix in Chives, Dill and a little Lemon Thyme. But don’t just stop at food! Herbs in drinks is where the party is at! Basil in Bellinis, lavender in a gin mix and rose in your Pims. Edible flowers make great additions too! The same applies for your soft options too.



5.       Head outdoors

In Australia we are super luck that the holiday period occurs during our summer. So make the most of those sunny days and balmy nights by taking the party outdoors! Balconies, courtyards, roof top terraces and backyards all offer a fantastic opportunity to host a very special party. If you’re worried your outdoor space is a little lack luster, here are our tips on a quick spruce up for your garden!

Buy big, not many: Big plants make a BIG impact fast. Choose to buy fewer big plants instead of many smaller plants. This will mean that the space will look more developed, and more luxurious, as opposed to raw and busy. Also it will probably mean less work for you in the long run!
Mulch: If you do only one thing to dress up your outdoor space it should be to mulch. Garden beds and pots alike, mulching makes the negative space in your garden look cared for (and covers all those damned weeds).
Aromatics: A few days before an event, pop out and get some aromatic plants that are in flower. A beautiful perfume drifting through the warm air automatically lifts the atmosphere. If you already have some potted plants in flower, place them near the dining area or doorways to make the most of their scent. You can move them back to where the will be most happy after!




With all these fab ideas, there is nothing to stop you from having a happy and memorable green holiday season!

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