Bamboo oldhamii

When big is beautiful, Oldhamii Bamboo Plants Melbourne is sure to tick all the boxes. Growing to an impressive 16m tall but only 1m wide, this is the ultimate statement piece for tropical and Japanese style landscapes. Thick stems are a strong architectural feature, and the thick foliage will block out unsightly views. Being a clumping Bamboo Plants Melbourne, it will never invade places you donメt need it. But be aware that these large Bamboo Plants Melbournes can put out a lot of outward pressure, so shouldnメt be squeezed behind tight retaining walls and isnメt suited for pots..

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Common Name:

Oldham's Bamboo Plants Melbourne



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Mature Height: 10m
Mature Width: 1m
Common Name: Oldham's Bamboo
Botanical Name: Bambusa oldhamii
Foliage: Evergreen
Pot Size: 30cm
Growth Rate: Fast
Suitable for Pots: Yes
Suitable for Garden Beds: Yes
Produces Flowers: No
Flower Colour: None
Deciduous: No
Australian Native: No

Dry Tolerant : No
Sun Tolerant : Semi
Shade Tolerant : Yes
Pots/Containers : Yes
Coastal Areas : No
Bird Attracting : N/A
Evergreen Yes
Deciduous No
Planting Season : All Year
Flowering Season : N/A


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