Palm Grass 20cm


Give your garden a sleek, contempory finish with this unusually textured evergreen.

Setaria palmifolia is a medium growing arching grass, reachign a height between 1m and 1.5m. The blade of grass are broad and slightly hairy. The most strikingly, the leaves are distincly pleated. The emerge tightly folded, before opening out, almost like an accordion.

An outsanding container plat or use to create rivers of rolling foliage, Palm Grass will be the talking point of any partly shaded garden.

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Product Attributes

Mature Height 1m
Mature Width 1.5m
Common Name Palm Grass
Botanical Name Setaria palmifolia
Foliage Evergreen
Pot Size 20cm
Growth Rate Moderate
Suitable for Pots Yes
Suitable for Garden Beds Yes
Produces Flowers Insignificant
Flower Colour Green
Deciduous No
Australian Native No

Drought Tolerant No
Sun Tolerant Part
Shade Tolerant Yes
Pots/Containers Yes
Suitable for Coastal Areas N/A
Bird Attracting No

Setaria palmifolia is the botanical name of Palm Grass.