A Melbourne institution for nearly 10 years, we are thriving in our current nursery in Surrey Hills. We have a huge passion for cultivating the highest quality mature trees and indoor plants in the city, and relish helping people grow and improve their gardens.

At our nursery, our mantra rests on the fact that “We Help You Grow”. We aim to be a hub of botanical information and activity in the local community, offering free and impartial gardening advice to anyone wishing to know more about arboriculture. We are always on hand to offer expert advice. With years of industry experience, you can rest assured that the ideas and solutions we offer are rooted in sound horticultural and design knowledge.

Our on site garden consultancy is part of the natural evolution of The Tree Shop. With a focus on creating green spaces and design solutions that are as functional as they are beautiful, our creative consultants will provide you with dynamic plant choices and design ideas.

At The Tree Shop, you will experience exceptional and tailored service. Whether you are a first home owner looking to lay the foundations of a great garden, a keen gardener in need of a statement piece or looking to renovate a garden to meet your changing needs, we take the time to understand your tastes and what your garden means to you.