Plant Nursery FAQs

We don’t sell trees that are all already pleached, however we carry a range of trees that are suited to this style.

Yes we have an ever evolving range of trees that are suited to being grown in pots

We have a bigger and ever changing range in store. if you can’t find what you are looking send us an email or drop into store!

No we don’t, but we do carry a select range of fruit trees.

No we don’t. We do stock premium compost and potting mix

Yes, we have an considered range of pots which we have selected for their quality and suitability for our plant range.

Yes! In response to the scores of customers who have asked for our help, we have started doing on site consults to help you make the best of your garden.

No there is no impact of Coronavirus on Plants & Trees. We do suggest however if you are picking up a delivery order from our nursery in Surry Hills that you abide by the social distancing guidelines set out by the Victorian government.

The handling of money is known to be a way that Coronavirus can be transferred from one person to another. Our recommendation therefore is to purchase your goods online or via credit card over the phone.

No coronavirus has not affected our delivery for plants & trees. We will continue to deliver our plants & trees as per our regular schedule for deliveries.

Yes you can still buy plants online through our online shop during the Coronavirus and pick them up in-store. Please adhere to the social distancing rules whilst at our nursery to ensure everybody is safe.