Malus ioensis ‘Plena’

With the showiest floral display of all the crab apples, Malus ioensis Plena is like something out of a fairy tale. In Spring, an abundance of flowers that resemble small old fashioned roses, coloured blush through white, adorn the tree. This charming display is especially marvelous in smaller garden or beside paths, where the individual flowers can be admired up close. Through the growing season, scalloped leaves are sage green and in Autumn turn a fiery mix of red, copper and gold. This small tree grows to 6m tall by 4m wide, making it an excellent choice when space is limited. For a modern take on this old fashioned tree, leave the underplanting neat and simple, otherwise it looks lovely in a traditional cottage garden.


Product Attributes

Common Name:

Bechtel Crab Apple



Mature Size








Mature Height: 6m
Mature Width: 4m
Common Name: Bechtel Crab Apple
Botanical Name: Malus ioensis 'Plena'
Foliage: Deciduous
Pot Size: 30cm, 40cm, 100lt
Growth Rate: Slow
Suitable for Pots: No
Suitable for Garden Beds: Yes
Produces Flowers: Yes
Flower Colour: Pink
Deciduous: Yes
Australian Native: No

Dry Tolerant : Semi
Sun Tolerant : Yes
Shade Tolerant : Yes
Pots/containers : No
Suitable Coastal Areas : No
Bird Attracting : Yes
Evergreen No
Deciduous Yes
Planting Season : Autumn-Spring
Flowering Season : Spring


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