Red, orange and gold

Red, orange and gold

The tree shops top picks for Autumn colour!

As the days become shorter and the weather cools, many of our favourite trees start thinking about winter hibernation, and begin the process of dormancy. The tree will slowly close off the veinse that run between the stem and leaves. Next springs buds begin to develop and growth on the whole slows and eventually stops. A separation layer forms between the leaf and the stem and eventually, the leaf falls to the ground.

The process of entering dormancy is what gives us beautiful autumn leaves.

Here are the Tree Shop’s top 5 picks for autumn foliage.


Ornamental Pear:

Whether it be a Capital or Cleveland select, the Ornamental pear family sure are show stoppers! Frequently used as screening trees, they are also great to plant at the corners of a property to frame a house!

ornamental pear.jpg


Acer p. Osakazuki:

This Japanese maple really comes into it’s own in Autumn. The leaves turn a fiery lipstick red and with the larger leaves it really packs a punch! Perfect for smaller gardens and pots alike!




Persian Ironwood:

This broad reaching small tree is one of the best feature trees going around. They are happiest in part shade, particularly they like protection from our hot afternoon summer sun. This will also make the best feature of it as it’s multi coloured leaves really stand out against a darker background!


Ginkgo biloba

If you are looking for something a little different in your autumn pallet, try this zesty tree.



 Oak Leaf Hydrangea:

If you’re looking for a more shrubby pop of colour, try an Oak Leaf Hydrangea! They love a moist shady spot and during the warmer months put out beautiful white flowers!



Acer rubrum:

Last but not least is everyone's favourite the Canadian Maple! Big, red and bold. This show stopping tree makes a grand statement in Autumn and provides much needed shade in Summer!

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