Melbourne’s only inner-city retail nursery focusing on arboriculture, The Tree Shop are specialists in sourcing, nurturing and advising the public on a wide range of advanced trees, shrubs and indoor plants. We now offer tailored on site garden consultancy with a focus on creating gardens that thrive.



We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a plant solution for every garden; from inner city courtyards to the sprawling grounds of a suburban estate. As our city changes, so too must our gardens and we are here to ensure that you have a garden you love year round.
Our stock is of exceptional quality and suited to our Melbourne climate. The majority of our stock it available in a range of sizes meaning that you can purchase them at the size you need. We believe that mature stock has huge benefits both to the gardener and the garden and that the time saved is invaluable.
The service on offer here at The Tree Shop is exceptional. Our staff who are approachable and understanding, take the time to understand your taste and situation and will offer a range of solutions for you to choose from. 
Our new on site consultancy service makes this same level of creativity and attention to detail available to you in your own garden. Our dedicated consultants can provide you with ideas that solve existing issues or can create an considered garden design for your blank canvas. No matter what, we will always work towards giving you a garden that thrives in your conditions.

At The Tree Shop, we help you grow.

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375 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127