About Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a highly populated area in Melbourne’s south-east located only 6 kms from Melbourne’s CBD. With a vibrant community atmosphere and many parks and bike paths, the suburb is home to people of all stages in life. Residential and commercial properties enjoy healthy indoor and outdoor green spaces, given the green and leafy environment.

Wide Range of Trees, Shrubs and Plants available in Hawthorn Nursery

Browse our complete range of trees, shrubs and plants at our nursery or online. We stock Accent Plants, Advanced Trees, Fruit Trees and Weeping Trees to name a few. Our plants, trees and shrubs are suited to both in-ground planting and pots. If you are after a particular variety, shape, colour or size, our wide range will keep you occupied for hours!

To find your closest nursery, please call us on (03) 9819 9966

Types of Plants and Trees Available

Variety and Sizes

Do not make a decision from a limited range of plants! Visit The Tree Shop so that you can create the indoor or outdoor green space that you have always dreamed about. Make it a reality by showing us your designs so that we can help you select the right varieties and sizes to make your garden a retreat for everyone.

Highest Standards

If you need trees, plants or shrubs that have been bred and cultivated to the highest standards, then visit us. We source only the best varieties so that your indoor or outdoor green space looks healthy and inviting all year round. For great tips on where to plant or pot, ask us so that we can make a recommendation.

Good Value for Money

We strive to help you select the most appropriate plants, trees and shrubs for your garden. Do not assume that any plant will do and let us consider your environment, climate, requirements and other factors so that you can make an informed decision.


In addition to instore pickup, we deliver nationwide. No matter how small or large your order may be, we engage a specialised fleet of drivers who will handle and deliver your order with care. This gives you the comfort you need that your plant will arrive healthy.

FAQs- Hawthorn Nursery

We have a huge passion for cultivating the highest quality mature trees and indoor plants in the city, and relish helping people grow and improve their gardens. You will find a plant you like in our extensive catalogue.

Yes, we have a considered range of pots which we have selected for their quality and suitability for our plant range. Let us help you select the right pot for your plant.

Of course. However, we will need to consider your order and the time you have placed it. Call us on (03) 9819 9966 if you have any specific needs or requirements.

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