Pleach it!

Pleach. This word is getting a bit of a work out in garden circles at the moment, but what does it actually mean? 

To pleach a tree or a bush it to interweave and tie its branches to the one next to it to create a dense screen or fence. It's a bit like espaliering but with multiple in a row. Where the branches touch each other, they eventually join together and reinforce one another.  

These days when we think of pleaching, we mostly associate it with the 'hedge on stilts' look, where a long, straight and bare trunk is topped with the pleached screen. A structure is put behind the screen to provided it with support while it establishes. 

Pleached trees allow us to create green walls that don't take up a lot of depth in the garden. They can be trained to create tunnels, avenues, pavilions or as a bordering screen. 

This allows us to create structure, divide a garden space and have some much needed privacy with trees! Which is pretty outstanding in our opinion.

Here are our top trees for pleaching!

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Pyrus nivalis: 


Tilia cordata


Fagus Copper Beech

Fagus Copper Beech:




Crab apple:


Gleditsia Sunburst 

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