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Covid & Lockdown Stage in Melbourne

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for most of the year. Following tensions abroad, bushfires on the east coast of Australia and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that will continue to flare up until a vaccine is confirmed, there is much to be said about the resilience of the Melbourne community and desire to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. Regardless of what we have encountered throughout the year, Melbournians continue to remain positive. One important sign of the community’s appreciation for better things to come is the increase in demand for home and garden improvement supplies including buying plants online in Melbourne.

Through our online plant nursery at The Tree Shop, we have seen continued demand for our plants, shrubs and trees. The interest that we see from our customers who want to buy plants online is comforting and we are proud to say that Melbournians are embracing flora and green spaces while staying at home. Many of our customers say that they are bored with their current outdoor space and want to improve it so that the kids and pets can have fun. There are many options available to develop or reinvigorate your outdoor space and we can help you make an informed decision.

Local Online Plant Nursery

At the Tree Shop, we are a local nursery in Melbourne that offers fast or same day delivery. Whether you are planning to take some time off over the summer break to engage in a DIY project in your garden with the family or are planning to appoint a professional gardener or landscaper to assist, you can purchase all the plants, trees and shrubs that you need from us. You will then have the option to pick up your order in store or have your order delivered to your door for a modest fee by qualified couriers who take care of your plants during transit.

Local Nursery with Garden Consultation Online

Designing your garden correctly is important. Whether you are upgrading the plants in your garden, redesigning your garden, converting your outdoor space into a healthy garden area or simply making a few modifications to replace dead plants, we understand that making decisions about your green area can be difficult. That is why we offer garden consultation services and have two packages available.

Garden consult with plant list

Designed to get you going on the right track, this service offers 2 hours of consultation on site with a follow up email detailing recommended plant varieties and approximate numbers of each plant variety needed for each of the garden areas discussed during the consultation. This consultation does not include drawings, measurements or exact numbers of plants required.

The fee for this consultation is $150 for consultations that occur within a 5km radius of The Tree Shop in Surrey Hills. For consultations beyond this radius, we charge a travel fee of $55/hour incurred for travel time. Additional site visits are charged at $100 per hour.

Garden design

For those looking for an in-depth consultation, this service provides you with detailed drawings and a plant schedule. The service includes 4 hours of onsite work and one follow up meeting at The Tree Shop to look over and amend plant choices and design details. After the plan has been accepted by you, we can help source plants for you and recommend landscaping service providers.

There is a $1,000 service fee for this package if your property is located within a 5km radius of The Tree Shop in Surrey Hills. We also charge a travel fee of $55/hour incurred outside this radius. Additional site visits charged at $100 per hour. Changes to design after handover charged at $55 per hour of work.

If you would like further information about our garden consultation services, please do contact us to schedule an appointment or to ask for additional information.

Recommended Plants in Victoria

At The Tree Shop, we have many plants for sale online in Victoria. For those who are interested to know what type of plants are suitable in Victoria, the answer requires an assessment of your environment. Planting trees, shrubs and plants does involve an appreciation of the environment so that the plants develop well and stay healthy during their life. Although we cannot provide any specific recommendations in this blog because we need to understand your unique circumstances, we can provide general tips that will help you make an informed decision.

If you live in a dry area where rainfall is less regular than normal, you will want to plant trees, shrubs and plants that are drought tolerant and enjoy being in the sun without too much shade. You will need to check the soil conditions to ensure that the ground is not too dry, sandy or muddy with clay such that the roots will not develop if planted in ground. Make sure that you dig a reasonably sized hole depending on the size of the plant so that the root system has plenty of room to move. Use high quality soil and nutrients to ensure the plant stays healthy throughout the year.

If you live in humid areas where rainfall is frequent, you will find that plants which enjoy water will flourish. It is important to select the right type of plants because not all plants like wet environments and may die if their roots remain waterlogged for many days. If you have plants that are suitable for areas that are well ventilated and where the soil will dry over a couple of days, you might be successful using those type of plants. However, make sure you monitor the moisture level in the soil to ensure you plant correctly.

Plants for health and wellbeing

COVID-19 has reminded us of the importance to protect your health and wellbeing. The pandemic is a deadly virus if contracted without effective treatment. Even if you have not contracted the virus, many people have indirectly suffered distress mentally, emotionally and physically due to the plight of others and the state of the economy. Tough lockdown restrictions and limitations on socialisation has caused many people to take up meditation, yoga and other calming activities in their garden or outdoor space.

Plants support a healthy airstream and promote individual growth. With the rise of technology, many people are fixated on using their plastic devices to help them progress throughout the day. We often forget to spend time in front of nature that offers natural beauty and serenity without screen time or headphones. It is important that all households have a functioning outdoor space with green elements so that you can visually see natural organisms develop without having to leave your home.

For those who do not have a garden, we stock a wide range of indoor plants that can be placed inside the property or on a balcony or terrace. There are many options available including smaller plants suitable for inner city apartments on kitchen window sills.

What we have for you


You can buy plants online at The Tree Shop. We stock Accent Plants Melbourne, Bamboo Plants Melbourne, Screen Plants Melbourne and Shrub Plants Melbourne. All our plants have been sourced from reliable breeders who have longevity and reliability at the front of their mind. The plants have been nurtured so that they will last a long time if planted correctly and maintained appropriately. We recommend that plants be installed in accordance with the instructions, watered appropriately, supplemented with nutrients and pruned at the right time.


Shrubs are a great way to complement your garden with beautiful foliage. Help fill gaps in your garden with shrubs that provide amazing colour throughout the year and can be easily maintained without too much effort. You can find both evergreen and deciduous shrubs at The Tree Shop. Although they are woody plants with many stems, they can be manicured into shape and offer great contrasting features to your flower plants, trees and other garden varieties.


Trees are a must for every garden as they support the environment and provide an opportunity for local wildlife to flourish. Most older properties have aged trees that offer protection from the sun, wind and rain. Newer properties with less mature trees seem to favour smaller varieties that are less imposing and easy to maintain. Whatever the preferences might be, having trees in the garden help to regulate environmental temperature, purify water, provide oxygen to living organisms and clean the airways.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to provide an internal visual galore without having to rely on plastic varieties or paintings of flowers! Our healthy range of indoor plants are ideal for all locations in Victoria and can be maintained without too much effort. It is important to ensure that you pot the plants correctly so that they mature well and do not become pot bound. Indoor plants do need to be moved around so that they receive ample sun light and must be watered carefully to avoid waterlogging the roots.

Plants for pots

There are many types of plants that love being in pots. You can either have potted plants indoor or outdoors. We stock a wide variety of plants that are ideal for pots if you are concerned about your ground soil conditions. Whether you are after roses, orchids, weeping plants or other floral varieties, you can adorn your property with hanging baskets, pots on the window sill or pots on the ground. It is important to have natural elements in your property to support a healthy airstream and provide a natural fragrance.

Flower Plants

Colour your garden with flower plants. We have plants that flower throughout the year or on a seasonal basis during Spring. Depending on your requirements and colour preferences, we can source the right type of flower plants for your needs. Whether you are after Agapanthus, Camellia, Carnations, Begonia, Chrysanthemum, Daffodils, Freesia, Lilac or others, we stock them all so that you will be spoiled for choice.

Trees for outdoor garden

Trees are a great accompaniment to any garden, and you can buy trees online at The Tree Shop. Trees can vary in size and offer shade to other parts of your garden and outdoor area. We stock Evergreen trees, Deciduous trees and Fruit trees. Whether you are planning to screen off your neighbours, provide a spectacular backdrop at the rear of your garden, plant a centrepiece in the middle of your outdoor area or add some native colour to your front yard, trees offer both a visual display and protection from prying eyes and the natural elements.