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Our special connection with our gardens

Our gardens are the soul to our homes. It’s where we start our memories as children, picking flowers, making mud pies or fairytale birthday parties. As we grow our gardens continue to be a big part of our lives. They become a place to play, celebrate milestones and special events, but most importantly they are a place to come together with family and friends.

At some point in their lives, everyone should have the joy of planning a new garden. Whether it’s a new home or simply updating an old and tired garden design, it’s important to plan your new garden or landscape carefully. Here are some important points worth thinking about.

Garden Design

  • How do you wish to use and enjoy your garden?

Depending on your lifestyle, every household will use their garden differently. If you have children you may want to have a child friendly garden with a lawn for the kids to play on. If you want to entertain and have friends and family over for barbeques you may need to think about creating a shady spot for everyone to sit under with tables and chairs surrounded by beautiful garden beds.

Your lifestyle may be more suited to having a production garden of fruits and veggies. Factors to consider would be easy access from your kitchen, or choosing the sunnier spots in the garden for maximum crop production and harvest. You could even get really creative and make a microclimate for tropical plants by creating shade, warmth, and shelter for a special paradise oasis.

  • How much sunlight does your garden receive?

It’s vital you establish how much sun your garden is getting as this will determine what kind of plants you have to choose from. Gardens facing north receive sunlight most of the day, east facing receives morning sun, west facing receives afternoon sun and south facing gardens are often shaded. So remember to chose plants that will prefer the amount of sunlight your garden actually gets! It is important to keep sunlight in mind while developing garden design ideas.

For example, if you have a shady garden then your planting pallet will be limited to plants that thrive in shade or under a canopy. If you have a very sunny garden then you may need to think about which plants will tolerate hot summer days. Australian Natives or succulents are often a great choice for these!

  • What are your likes and dislikes?

It’s a great idea to get inspiration from other gardens in your neighbourhood as these are a living example of how those plants will grow and thrive (or perhaps not!) in your area. It’s an easy way to compile a list of plants that you not only like but that will also be suitable in your garden.

Other options could be having a look online. Many garden designers have online portfolios you can look through to get inspiration! it could be that you like the colour purple in your garden or you like different textures contrasted against each other.

Finding a garden designer who aligns with your taste can be so helpful in creating your dream garden! Once you have a list of likes and dislikes it will make choosing a planting pallet much easier when you visit your local nursery.

  • How committed are you?

The age old question! This one is important to think about realistically. How much time and effort will you want to put into your garden? There are definitely plants that tolerate, or even thrive on neglect. However, it must be said that achieving a lush stylised garden will have a lot of work involved.

Installing irrigation can make watering a much easier task but unless you employ a gardener to maintain your garden regularly then you can expect to spend a couple of hours weekly managing your garden needs.

But if you’re like us, this is less like a chore and more like a lot of fun!

Hope these Garden Design Ideas will help you out in creating beautiful garden. If you need help, talk to our Garden Consultants for better insights on developing a beautiful Garden. Call 03 9819 9966 or Contact us.