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Indigenous Nursery

Considering planting indigenous plants in your garden? Come to The Tree Shop’s St Kilda Indigenous Nursery where we offer you free and impartial gardening advice as well as a friendly chat about indigenous plants and everything you need to know about planting, growing and maintaining them in your garden.

Having been a Melbourne institution for nearly 10 years, we have the expertise you need for selecting the right kind of indigenous plants. Come to our St Kilda indigenous nursery and have a look at the wide variety of indigenous plants we have on sale.

About Indigenous Plants

Australia has a large variety of plants from different types of lands and ecosystems. But plants indigenous to the natural land in and surrounding St Kilda are a little closer to home than others. Planting indigenous plants make your garden perfectly in line with nature.

Importance of Indigenous Plants

A vital service to local land, planting indigenous plants of Naarm in your garden helps you preserve the natural habitat of local insects, birds and amphibians and protect the sanctity and purity of your land. Planting indigenous plants is also beneficial for native species as they help the latter spread pollen and speed to replace invader species with more local ones.

When selecting indigenous plants for your garden, you need to consider the condition of your garden. Not all indigenous plants will grow in a raised garden bed, for instance. Some are low-lying, requiring a significant amount of moisture. We offer you expert advice on where to plant your indigenous plants and how to take care of them.

Perks of Indigenous Plants

If you want a smooth gardening experience, indigenous plants should be your go-to choice. Since they work with indigenous soil, which is your garden’s soil, your plants have an easy time surviving and thriving, unlike plants introduced from different ecosystems. Your garden bed’s unique climate, water levels, and wildlife have been in harmony with these plants for thousands of years. The ease with which indigenous plants grow will make your garden feel less like you’re working against nature and more like you’re working with nature.

Much like Australian animals, Australian plants also comprise unique structures and indigenous plants offer one a way to experience diversity. As a rule, the more indigenous plants you have in your garden, the higher is the frequency of different indigenous birds visiting.

Honeyeaters and lorikeets are attracted to nectar and pollen-bearing plants, with Honeyeater loving Silver Banksias. Parrots and Pigeons prefer eucalypts, acacias, sheoaks, and bursarias, while smaller birds like Finches feed on grasses, saltbushes and sedges. Black-faced Cuckoo shrikes like to feast on caterpillars, which in turn feed on eucalypts leaves. Large bluye wrens and fantails land on large shrubs like Woolly Tea-Trees, whereas Rock Carriers draw in Easter Spinebills and other small honeyeaters. With such diversity, you will truly be in natural bliss/nature’s bliss.

To begin planting indigenous plants in your garden, come and see our wide range at 51 Inkerman St, St Kilda or give us a call at (03) 9089 7571.

We have now opened our new location in St Kilda. Come down and visit us at 51 Inkerman St, St Kilda. We look forward to seeing you soon!