About Elsternwick

Situated 9 kms south-east of Melbourne’s CBD, Elsternwick is a thriving suburb home to many families with great amenities close by. Filled with cafes, restaurants, bars and retail shops, Elsternwick is a great location to settle down. Close to the Sandringham train station, Elsternwick Park and Caulfield Park, there is always something to do during the week and on the weekend.

Wide Range of Trees, Shrubs and Plants available in Elsternwick Nursery

If you would like to browse through a complete range of floral varieties, consider our wide selection of trees, shrubs and plants. Avoid being limited in choice and have the freedom to choose the plants that you like and will suit your garden. Not all plants can be planted or potted anywhere you prefer, and the soil condition, location, climate and other factors will impact on the health of the plant. Take your time and do your research before you make a decision.

Types of Plants and Trees Available at Elsternwick Nursery

To find your closest nursery, please call us on (03) 9819 9966

Variety and Sizes

Our plant, tree and shrub range are available in many sizes, colours and types. We stock many varieties of Evergreen Trees, Fruit Trees, Indoor Plants and Bamboo Plants. Based on the design of your garden, your property’s features, and the décor of your property, you can select plants, trees and shrubs to match. You will be spoiled for choice so that you can create the ultimate green space with a mix of short or tall plants, bushy or lean plants, and bright or neutral plants.

Highest Standards

We continue to source our plants from breeders who take care in nurturing and cultivating premium varieties. Our wide selection of plants, trees and shrubs will help you convert your indoor or outdoor green space into an amazing area that is ideal for work, relaxation, play and socialising. Whether you want to uplift your garden or create something new, we have the plants to help you get there.

Good Value for Money

Our plants will last a long time if planted and maintained correctly. Whether you are a home owner looking to lay the foundations of a great garden, a keen gardener in need of a statement piece or looking to renovate a garden to meet your changing needs, we take the time to understand your tastes and what your garden means to you. We will guide you in the right direction, so you choose the best plants for your property.


Our delivery service is managed by skilled and knowledgeable couriers who take care in preserving your plants, trees or shrubs during transit. They will carefully place the plants at your required destination, and you can take comfort knowing that your new floral friend is healthy on arrival.

FAQs- Elsternwick Nursery

Yes we do. If you are after anything in particular, we recommend that you contact us in advance so that we can check what we have available. We can help provide tailored advice if that would assist you in making your decision.

We offer 2 levels of service designed to provide you with the ideas and solutions you need to re-imagine your green space. With a focus on creating spectacular indoor and outdoor gardens incorporating design solutions that are as functional as they are beautiful, our creative consultants will provide you with dynamic plant choices and greenery suggestions.

Yes. You can still buy plants online through our online shop during the Coronavirus and pick them up in-store. Please adhere to the social distancing rules whilst at our nursery to ensure everybody is safe.

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