Day of the Triffids: Plants that grow really fast!

Sometimes waiting for plants to get up to the size we want them can feel painstakingly drawn out. It’s tempting to go out every weekend with a tape measure and see how much things have changed. Mostly this leads to further frustration when our beloved plants which we tenderly care for, haven’t even managed an extra centimeter!!
But there are some plants out there that grow fast. Mega fast. These are the formula 1 cars of the plant world!

We are going to look at 3 super fast growing plants and how you can use them!

Ficus microcarpa hillii ‘Flash’  

Like the name suggests, this excellent evergreen tree grows in a FLASH! Growing to a max height of 10m by 3m wide, these guys are most commonly used as a dense and lush screening plant. But! you can buck the norm and use these guys as a narrow feature tree, keep it clipped as a standard or use them in pairs to frame a view! They are super versatile, suiting both formal and relaxed gardens, depending on how you use them!
Thriving in a sunny to partly shady spot as well as soil conditions, however they can be sensitive to hard frosts

Parthenocisuss tricuspidata ‘Boston Ivy’

Not a true Ivy, but actually a member of the grape family, this classic climber originates from North Eastern Asia. This deciduous self attaching climber is a great way to get a green wall without the huge installation costs! These wonder plants have been known to grow up to 30m in height if provided with an adequate surface. While the name of this plant might initially conjure up images of old universities, it can be used in much more modern settings as well. In particular we like seeing it in Japanese influenced gardens where the leaves of the vine tie in beautifully with that of the maples!
For best autumn colour, this climber should be grown when it can take full sun.
Many people have worries about planting these vines for fear of them getting away or damaging the structure. The key to stop them from taking over is to not plant too many on the one structure. multiple plants on a wall mean there isn’t much room for each plant so they will go looking for more. And if they do start to grow when you don’t want to the solution is simple: simply cut the vine back to where you want it and LEAVE IT ON THE WALL. After a time the calcium carbonate that the vine uses to glue it’s self to the wall with break down and you will be able to remove it without causing any damage.

Pyrus c. ‘Chanticleer’

Dense. Lush. Upright. Beautiful. Just a few of the words we use to describe our fabulous ‘Chanticleer’ Ornamental pears. Growing to 11m tall and 6m wide in a lovely pyramidal shape, these guys are a go to for any gardener. Starting off as big white clouds of delicate white flowers in Spring, followed by deep green, dense and glossy foliage in Summer and turning to beautiful red, orange and gold in the autumn. They can be used as stand alone feature trees, but also work well as an informal screen or as an avenue. They are great for providing shade in the heat of summer, and being deciduous means that they can more light into you outdoor and indoor spaces in winter.
These guys are also super tough, standing up to the blazing Australian sun and once established hardy to mild drought stress.

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