March is just around the corner and we can feel Autumn beginning to set in. The evenings are tinted with golden light and here and there are touches of red and gold emerging.

We mostly think of Autumn as a time for falling leaves and preserving fruit, but it is also a time where you can set your garden up to achieve best results for the following Spring and Summer.

Autumn leaves acer october glory.JPG

The milder weather makes Autumn the best time to start planting in the garden. There is more moisture around and the ground still retains some warmth, giving trees and shrubs the best opportunity to settle in and be ready for maximum Spring growth. This is particularly important for plants that will be growing in a hot spot or in full sun, as it gives them the most time to develop a root system and adapt to their location before the next heat wave.

Below are our top picks for what to plant this Autumn. They each have their own virtues, whether they add shade, structure, privacy or colour to the landscape. There are plants that will dazzle in Autumn, provide green for Winter, billows of blooms in Spring and cool shade in Summer. They are all are plants that we here at The Tree Shop love and we know you’ll adore them too!

Japanese maples:

Japanese Maple acer inaba shidare buy online from the tree shop nursery melbourne.JPG

No matter what time of year it is, Japanese Maples are a favourite for our customers, Their compact size, range of foliage colours and suitability for small spaces and pots mean their is a spot in any garden for one of these charming small trees.

Japanese maples also suit a wide variety of garden styles. A single specimen in an internal courtyard with nothing but stone and a lush evergreen ground cover is a stylish, restful arrangement. However they look equally as stunning mixed into an over flowing border with taller trees above and masses of flowers below.

Chinese Pistachio:

An elegant tree suited to the Urban environment, Pistacia chinensis is a hardy choice for introducing shade and height into the garden.

Growing to 6m tall by 6m wide, it has a canopy of fine foliage that casts soft, dappled shade. Young foliage emerges in coppery tones, before maturing to a rich, dark green. In Autumn foliage turns Cinnamon orange with hints of gold and crimson.

These trees are tough as nails, have a deep root system that won’t upset paving and thrive in full sun.

pistachia chinensis Chinese Pistachio buy online from the tree shop nursery melbourne.JPG

Quince: Cydonia Smyrna

Quince trees are having something of a resurgence. First spurred by the foodies love for quince paste, now gardeners are recognizing the beauty and charm of these small fruit trees.

Growing to 4m by 4m, they have a canopy of large, sage green leaves over Spring and Summer, which turn butter yellow in Autumn. They have a delightful display of Spring blossoms and in Autumn an abundance of fragrant, golden fruit.

Create a grove of these wonderful small trees with a winding path or use in a courtyard for height a character.

Quince Trees buy online from the tree shop nursery melbourne.JPG

Brachychiton Griffith Pink

A lush, evergreen native that’s upright habit make them useful as well as beautiful.

Brachychiton-populneus-x-discolour-Griffith-Pink-buy online from the tree shop nursery melbourne.jpg

The dense, evergreen canopy of Brachychiton Griffith Pink can reach a height of 8m and width of 4m, making them a great alternative to Capital Pear trees. The large foliage is shaped like a maple leaf and is a glossy lime green. In Summer, masses of pink flowers hang from the branches, adding to this native trees appeal.

Use them in a row to create privacy or as a feature tree, this is an colourful evergreen that is sure to please year round.

Leptospermum Burgundy

For brilliant foliage colour all yer round, this evergreen native is hard to beat!

A large shrub to small tree can reach a size of 3m tall by 2m wide and clipps well for a more compact size. The branches are densely covered in small, deep burgundy leaves and in Summer small white flowers bloom.

Great for adding colour to coastal gardens, screening off the utilities area of the garden or as a sun loving alternative to Japanese Maples in pots.

leptospermum evergreen tree-buy online from the tree shop nursery melbourne.JPG

What ever your plans are for your garden, there is not better time than Autumn to put in some lush new greenery!

If you are looking for a specific tree, send us an email or if you’re not sure where to start, stop by the shop for a chat and inspiration!