Our Top 10 Favourite Ground Cover Plants of 2022

Favourite Ground Cover Plants in 2022

Ground cover plants are a popular variety. They help provide colour, fragrance and a healthy outdoor space. Ideal for landscaping new and existing spaces, ground cover plants are low laying plants that spread across and cover the ground. You can beautify dull areas by planting ground cover varieties around a tree, along a walk path, around a rocky feature or at the perimeter of a lawn or concrete section of your outdoor area. Whatever intention you have for ground cover plants, they are known to be low-maintenance, and they are children and pet friendly.

Here is a list of the favourite ground cover plants in 2022. It is important that you check which plant is suitable for your garden or layout to ensure that the ground cover plant fits in well and does not take over. Also, some ground cover plants can contain toxic elements so double check the variety you have purchased.

List of top ten favourite Ground Cover Plants

  1. Prostrate Rosemary
    Prostrate Rosemary Ground cover plants albert park nursery

With its iconic scent and thick vertical forming foliage, rosemary offers both a visual spectacle when it flowers and an aromatic herb flavour in cooking. Rosemary enjoys dry conditions and rarely needs to be watered to stay healthy. Every year, a prune will assist to keep it in shape.

  1. Native Viola
    Native Viola Ground cover plants blackburn nursery

An attractive variety, this ground cover plant enjoys growing in the shade. During spring and summer, the plant will flower and produce purple and mauve flowers against a green backdrop. To ensure the plant stays healthy, keep the soil moist and water regularly.

  1. Kidney Weed
    Kidney Weed Ground cover plants malvern nursery

A popular ground cover plant is Kidney Weed. Featuring a flower that represent two conjoined kidneys, this evergreen variety prefers the shade and requires minimal effort to look great during the year. This plant is known for acting as turf in parts where lawn will not grow.

  1. Sedum Autumn Joy
    Sedum Autumn Joy Ground cover plants box hill nursery

You will enjoy a spectacular flower show with this variety. During the dry and sunny conditions, this ground cover plant will flourish. When planting more than one, ensure that they are spaced 50 cm apart. Once the plant has matured, beautiful red and pink flower bomb heads will appear that create an amazing scenery.

  1. Nico
    Nico Plant Ground cover plants fitzroy nursery

For those who want their ground to be covered with a sea of dark green, Nico offers perennial coverage without interfering with other plants. Flowering in Autumn, purple flowers will appear creating a lovely view. It is best to prune the variety in winter so new growth is encouraged.

  1. Chalk Sticks
    Chalk Sticks Ground cover plants windsor nursery

This easy to maintain variety features think chalk-like stems that turn blue throughout the year. Providing a contrast against a green garden, this variety requires little maintenance and enjoys dry conditions.

  1. Cape Jasmine
    Cape Jasmine Ground cover plants bulleen nursery

This common ground cover plant, commonly known as Gardenia, is an evergreen variety. This plant does enjoy part shade and sun and does need to be watered regularly. If maintained correctly, which is no easy feat, the beautiful white flowers create an amazing display and the scent is refreshing.

  1. Japanese Star Jasmine
    Japanese Star Jasmine Ground cover plants kew nursery

This evergreen variety produces tiny white star shaped flowers throughout the year. To create a bushy appearance, trim well so that it looks fulsome. Even if you neglect the plant, it is hardy and will continue to bloom. With care and good maintenance, the variety will look ace all year round.

  1. Matted Pratia
    Matted Pratia Ground cover plants hawthorn nursery

For those who have a rockery feature, this variety enjoys weaving its way through the cracks and creating a contrasting visual. Enjoying part sun and shade, this ground cover plant can help enhance boring and dull locking rocks and concrete.

  1. Creeping Boobialla
    Creeping Boobialla Ground cover plants richmond nursery

This famous variety is hardy and enjoys full sun. Thriving in spring and summer, you will find that this variety will bloom even in the toughest conditions. The ground cover plant looks create around retaining walls and the vibrant fresh lime green foliage and masses of white flowers help cover up unsightly patches of your garden.

At The Tree Shop, we supply quality plants, trees and shrubs for your garden or outdoor entertainment area. Our ground cover plant varieties will keep you spoiled for choice. Ground cover plants are hardy varieties that create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere when your ground is dull and dry. If you would like to learn more about ground cover plants, or need help selecting the best variety for your needs and requirements, please contact us on (03) 9819 9966 or email us at sales@thetreeshop.com.au.

FAQs – Favorite Ground Cover Plants

What is the fastest growing ground cover plant?

Ground cover plants are an inherently fast growing variety. Based on the environment and climate, ground cover plants have variable growing rates. The fastest growing shade option tends to be the Plectranthus varieties. Helichrysum petiolare is a vigorous grower for your full sun areas that also provides silver foliage to brighten up you garden and give some colour and texture contrast.

What is the best low maintenance ground cover?

Ground cover plants are inherently low maintenance. They don’t need to be fertilised regularly. Infrequent watering will suffice. However, make sure you prune them if they are growing too fast for your liking.

What is the best ground cover to prevent weeds?

Ground cover plants can help to prevent weeds, however it will not eliminate weeds from growing. Thymus serpyllum coccineus ‘Red Creeping Thyme’ is a great option for drier conditions. The variety creates a tight-grip map that is very useful and helps to stop weeds from growing. Pratia pedunculata is another mat forming ground cover for part shade positions.

What is a good evergreen ground cover?

There are many types of evergreen varieties. Myoporum parvifolium provides fresh green foliage for the year and will grow well in most conditions.

Will ground cover plants kill other plants?

Some ground cover plants may kill other plants. This may occur if the ground cover plant is fast spreading and dominates the space or outgrows the surrounding plants leaving the other plants covered with no access to sun. Maintaining ground cover plants is important.

Can I plant ground covers in pots?

Yes. Ground cover plants enjoy being planted in pots and can grow even faster as the soil is protected from the wind and sun. Not a lot of soil is required when planting ground cover in pots.

What ground cover can you walk on?

Ground cover plants are living varieties and do not like heavy foot traffic. However, for those who want to plant these varieties across a footpath, there are some plants that can withstand light foot traffic. These include soleirolia soleirolii , pratia pedunculata and dichondra repens.

Can you mow ground cover?

No. It is important not to mow ground cover plants and to ensure that your lawn and ground cover plants are not overlapping. The lawn mower’s blades can damage the stems and leaves of the ground cover plant. They do not require regular pruning.

What is good ground cover for dogs?

Ground cover plants need to be pleasant to dogs and also not struggle to grow and survive when dogs play around outside. A few common varieties acceptable to dogs include: Thymus serpyllum ‘Elfin Creeping Thyme’, Sedum ‘Stonecrop’ and Viola Labradorica ‘Labrador Violet’.

How long does ground cover take to spread?

Depending on the season, soil conditions, climate and environment conditions, ground cover plants can spread at varying rates. Most varieties are fast growers, so make sure you know which type you are purchasing to set growth expectations.

Do I have to remove grass before planting ground cover?

Yes. Both lawn and ground cover plants are living varieties that require water and soil nutrients to survive and grow. If they are both in close proximity, they will compete for water and nutrients and will not grow to their full potential. It is best to segregate lawn from ground cover plants and ensure they do not overlap.

Which ground covers are potentially toxic to dogs and children?

Some ground cover plants are toxic to dogs and children. There is no exact science as it depends on the type of plant and the susceptibility of the dog or child. For example, Euphorbia varieties produce a toxic milky white sap if the plant is disturbed, and Trachelospermum produces a milky white sap that can cause skin irritation.

Can I plant mint in the ground?

Yes. However, mint is a fast growing ground cover plant and can spread quickly across the ground if poorly maintained. Also, if you plan to eat the mint you have planted, ensure you do not spray any pesticides, weed killers or other nasty chemicals near the plant.