About Kew

Kew is a suburb located in Melbourne’s south-east region. Located approximately 5 kms from Melbourne’s CBD, the suburb is very multicultural and borders the Yarra River. With prominent schools, parklands and bike paths in the district, Kew is home to many people of all ages.

Wide Range of Trees, Shrubs and Plants available in Kew

You will be spoiled for choice with our wide range of trees, shrubs and plants available in Kew. We aim to be a hub of botanical information and activity in the local community, offering free and impartial gardening advice to anyone wishing to know more about arboriculture. This helps you make the right decision so that your plants and trees will thrive in your indoor or outdoor green space.

To find your closest nursery, please call us on (03) 9819 9966

Types of Plants and Trees Available

Variety and Sizes

We stock a wide range of trees and plants for delivery in Kew. You can choose from our range online or visit us in store. We have a huge passion for cultivating the highest quality mature trees and indoor plants in Kew, and enjoy helping people grow and improve their gardens. Given plants are living organisms, each type of tree, shrub or plant is available in different sizes depending on its development. Feel free to contact us on (03) 9189 9966 if you are after anything in particular.

Highest Standards

Our variety of trees, shrubs and plants are sourced from breeders who comply with strict quality standards. This means that you can take comfort knowing that we back our products and, provided they are installed and maintained correctly, they should last for as long as their normal lifespan.

Good Value for Money

Our range at The Tree Shop offers great value for money. Given our wide range, you can find the right trees, shrubs or plants for your outdoor or indoor green space without having to settle on something you do not like.


We deliver nationwide and use a select fleet of drivers who have the skills and experience to deliver and handle your order with care. In addition, you can also opt for click and collect and pick up your new tree, shrub or plant in store during our normal trading hours.

FAQs- Kew Nursery

At The Tree Shop, we stock a wide range of trees, shrubs and plants. We also sell pots for your plants and a select range of pesticides and fertilisers. If you cannot find what you are after on our website and online shop, call us on (03) 9189 9966 so that we can help you.

Our trading hours are Monday-Saturday (9am – 4pm) and Sunday (10am – 4pm). During COVID-19, these trading hours may be altered without notice. Our online store continues to remain active and we are processing orders and deliveries. Stay up-to-date by browsing our social media pages and subscribing to our newsletter.

You can request same day delivery of your order in Kew. Please contact us to find out more as the time you place the order will matter. The cost might also vary depending on any specific requirements.

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