So you’re considering your garden and thinking it could use a tree, or three. Looking around at options you’re conflicted as to whether to buy a sapling or a mature tree. There is lots of information and opinions out there and you don’t quite know what to do.

At The Tree Shop we believe there are a number of benefits to buying advanced trees. Here we will go though 3 of them and show that to buy mature trees is a smart investment.

blueberry ash.JPG

Mature trees look good.

This might seem like the obvious but it’s definitely worth pointing out. Big, beautiful, advanced trees really make an impact in the garden. They not only look good in themselves but they make a garden look a lot more mature and settled. And if you are selling a house, advanced trees add a lot to your curb appeal and can really impact they way buyers see your home as the big trees can take the raw edge off a garden. Buyers can see that you’ve really gone to the next level and you can end up spending less over all with fewer but bigger plants. So really it’s a win over all.


Advanced trees get you closer to your end goal.

Buying mature trees can save years off the time between planting and your dream garden. Not only is it years worth of time, but also watering, pruning, fertilizing and pest control. So if you’re looking for a magnificent shade tree or a screen to block out your two story neighbours, don’t waste years waiting for juvenile stock to catch up, go mature now and be only seasons away from your dream garden.

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With mature trees, it is a lot easier to design and establish the rest of your garden.

This comes down to 2 things. Firstly it is a lot easier to imagine what your garden is going to, or could look like when the main structural elements of the garden, like trees and hedges, are well on their way to maturity. You can see what will and won’t be visible from different point in the garden, and where you can make the most of focal points. Secondly, you will also get a hint of the micro-climates that will begin to evolve and you can plant accordingly. No need to plant once for full sun and later have to pull everything out when it turns to full summer shade! Mature trees will provide the backbone around which the rest of the garden can be planned, leading to a seamless and impressive design.


We often get asked what turns out better in the long run, saplings or mature trees. And in the end we think that the care our customers take with their trees is the most crucial element of success. Proper irrigation, fertilizing, soil preparation and positioning will ensure that you have a robust and healthy tree to enjoy for years to come.

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