Ornamental Pear Trees

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Ornamental Pear Trees

Ornamental Pear Trees Australia

Ornamental Pears are a beautiful and versatile tree that can be used for screening or as a feature in the garden. Pears are fast-growing and hardy – happily withstanding our hot summers! – making them a very popular choice in Melbourne gardens. An added bonus for Ornamental pear trees in Melbourne is that they are deciduous. Leaves turn shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple in Autumn before dropping in Winter which allows much appreciated Winter light into the home and garden during dark winter months.  Each Ornamental Pear has its own unique size and shape but one thing they all have in common is their masses of beautiful white blossoms in spring!

If you’d like to underplant your ornamental pear, one successful way is to use plants that thrive in the pear’s shade, and flower in winter while the pear tree is bare. Such plants include Daphne, Osmanthus, Helleborus and Clivia. Not only do they look great, they also act as a living mulch around your trees to prevent weed growth.

Here we have listed a few Ornamental Pears that we recommend along with their uses:

Pyrus calleryana ‘Capital’

capital pear - ornamental pear trees

The Capital Pear grows up to 11 meters tall with a narrow, columnar shape and a spread of about three meters, making it an excellent choice for avenues, restricted areas, narrow garden beds or along fences, and low-maintenance screening. Leaves are a lush, dark green, changing to a reddish purple in Autumn. Excellent choice for screening double-story neighbours.

Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ (also known as ‘Cleveland Select’)

pyrus calleryana - ornamental pear trees

Similar to the Capital but with a wider spread of up to six meters, and a more conical shape, the Chanticleer is one of the most popular ornamental pears in cultivation in Australia. Leaves are dark green, and foliage is dense, providing habitat for birds and other wildlife. Spectacular autumn foliage in shades of gold, plum, and burgundy. Best used as a feature tree in the center of lawns or the middle of garden beds.

Pyrus nivalis – Snow Pear

snow pear - ornamental pear trees

A very pretty medium tree growing to 8 meters. Unusually for a pear, this tree has foliage which has an attractive silver tinge. In autumn the leaves turn brilliant shades of gold, orange and crimson. Best used as a medium sized feature tree in a garden bed or perhaps a nature strip.

Pyrus ussuriensis – Manchurian Pear

A 9×7 metre growing tree with a rounded canopy, the Manchurian Pear has white blossom in spring, and glossy green foliage in the warmer months. Autumn leaves are magnificent deep reds. A great specimen or shade tree, this variety is one of the most tolerant trees for heavy clay soils.

Pyrus salicifolia – Silver Pears

A striking feature tree with silver foliage and a weeping branch habit, it looks fantastic as a contrast to more typical green leaved plants.

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