Planting in Autumn

Autumn Planting


The heatwaves have gone but the winter chills are yet to set in; Autumn is the prime time for establishing new plants and gardens! As summer fades we are no longer risking those pesky heat waves that can put new plants under stress, but the soil is still nice and warm, encouraging root growth that is essential for establishment. This gives the plant plenty of time to become settled, ready for the following growing season. Rainfall also increases during this time allowing you to take the watering down a notch.


Whilst you are establishing a new plant, yes even drought hardy varieties, it needs regular deep watering to ensure it gets the best start. Remember! Just because there has been some rain doesn’t necessarily mean the roots have gotten the benefit. It’s always important to get down and dirty and see how the soil is looking below the surface. There are a variety of factors that can affect watering and soil type is the biggest. If your soil is too sandy or there is too much clay, the tree may not be getting the full right amount of water, even if you’re pointing the hose right at it.

We recommend digging compost into the soil before planting to help amend most soil problems; followed by mulching to prevent evaporation. You can also water with a liquid seaweed emulsion when planting to help avoid any transplant shock for your new plantsies.


Whilst the weather is still warm, and the plants are still moving now is a prime time to Fertilise! There are many fertiliser options to choose from. We stock a good all-purpose fertiliser which gets sprinkled around the drip line and runs into the root zone when watered. Some things to consider when choosing a fertilizer are smell, pets, and ease of application. A lot of organic fertilisers are well priced and excellent for the bacteria in the soil, however, they can have a strong odor which can be unpleasant for entryways or small courtyards. They also often contain blood and bone and pelletised chicken poop which for the hungry puppy or local rat can prove very enticing!

Other options can be a slow-release fertiliser such as Osmocote. These are a pricier and won’t help the soil but are easy to apply and don’t have an odor. Another option is also a liquid food. Just remember that whilst seaweed emulsions (like Seasol) are excellent for heat shock, transplant shock and soil health; they are not in fact a plant food and need to be used alongside a complete food to keep your plants in best health!


Not only is Autumn the best time to plant, it’s also the nicest time to be out in the garden! The weather is lovely and mild and the colour displays are spectacular! From fiery reds and oranges to striking yellows and soft greens, purples and browns, there is really not time like it. What better time to have a BBQ on the patio, surrounded by the rich colours of your ornamental grape and deciduous trees after a day planting out your new feature bed with evergreen shrubs and winter flowering perennials!

Autumn Planting is easy if you follow above suggestions. If you need Garden Consultation then call TheTreeShop at 03 9819 9966