Are you looking for some low fuss, super easy planting combos to start your garden? Here we show you a few of our favourites that you can adapt to suit your garden.


This style of garden uses neat structure and massed plantings to give definition to the space, but also to celebrate the characteristics of the plants used.

Height: Capital pears. These are great for hiding an unsightly view fast. Being Deciduous they are also great for using along a boundary where you want to let the winter light through, but give some shade in summer. If you would like something a little broader then Tillia Green Spire or Robinia Frisia are both beautiful.

Hedge: You can’t go past a Acmena Sublime hedge for functionality and looks. Growing to a maximum of 5m x 2.5m, they are great for creating an all year round screen. If you have the space then Ficus Flash is possibly Melbourne’s favourite hedging plant. And Evergreen magnolias either hedged or left to take their natural shape never go amiss.

Low plants: Your low lying plants are a great place to introduce a little bit of fun. Buxus or Pittosporum Golf Ball spheres, under-planted with Trachelospermum asiaticum, are playful and classy at the same time. Port Wine Magnolias are classic and you can never have too many gardenias. If you have a shady spot, some white Hydrangeas would look stunning as well.


The secret garden

Using an eclectic mix of plants to create intimate spaces and sweet vignettes, this style of garden suits those of us who really just want one of everything.

Height. Depending on the space you have there are a few options. We love all forms of Japanese maples for their ever changing foliage colour. Whether you go for multiple of one variety or a mix, their individual forms will add interest even in the depths of winter. Alternatively you could use Forest Pansies, Dogwoods or Deciduous Magnolias. Having large, over hanging trees in a secret garden is key to giving the space a secluded, intimate feeling. Acer October Glory, Ginkgo biloba or Pin Oaks are great for seasonal interest and dramatic scale.

Japanese maples.JPG

Hedge: Japanese maples and the others look their best when they have space around them, so instead of a hedge, opt for an evergreen climber like Trachelospermum jasminodes or Ficus pumila to give the background green. If you really want to ramp up your autumn colour, you can also plant in some Boston Ivy. If you really need some privacy,mix large evergreen shrubs such as Syzygium Select, Viburnum odoratissium and Port Wine Magnolias to give height without the rigidity of a formal hedge. Sasanqua Camelias are also excellent for providing interest in the cooler months once the Autumn foliage show has faded.

Low plants: For some all year round colour we love using Loropetalum China Pink. It can be clipped to a low hedge but looks equally good when allowed to grow a little taller between trees for a bit of bulk. Hydrangea quercifolia varieties are indispensable in romantic style gardens and you can’t go past Liriopes for a soft under-planting for the maples. Daphnes are fabulous for some perfume and Helebores add a woodland vibe.

Mediterranean holiday

Embrace the sun and vibrant colours with a garden that will make every day feel like a Roman holiday.

Height: If you’re looking for a large shade tree to give your garden a sense of age, then consider a Red Oak, Tilia Sterling or even Cut Leaf plane tree. We also love the use of the Green Pillar oak or Pencil pines down drive ways for drama without cutting out any sunlight. For something a little less tall opt for Crepe Myrtles or the evergreen Tristaniopsis Luscious.

Hedge: For more formal gardens then Acmena Fire Screen or Portuguese Laurel clipped into a hedge is essential. But you can also take a more relaxed approach and use citrus, bay, olives, figs and quinces as informal screens. Productive and beautiful.

Low plants: Buxus clipped into all shapes work well, but also consider Osmanthus Pearly Gates for something a bit faster growing. Murraya is also great for clipping into shape or adding bulk to a garden bed. Raphiolepsis Oriental Pearl is a super easy plant to mix in and dwarf Budleias and Westringias add both silvery foliage and flower colour. No Mediterranean garden woudl be complete without a few Rosemary and Lavenders.

No matter the size your garden project is, we are here to help you fall in love with your garden.