Quite often we get customers coming in asking about trees that will fit in a tight spot. Be it a courtyard, pot or corner of the garden. And much to their surprise, we have quite a few options when it comes to little trees. Lets look at a few!



Depending on the size and flower colour you think will work in your space, there are a number of varieties to choose from, starting at about 3.5m in height. Magnolias are happy in the sun but do benefit from protection from Strong wind which can damage flowers and leaves.

Malus ioensis Plena.

This stunning crab apple has fabulous double flowers that are touched with blush in Spring. A great little tree for a sunny spot. Some trees can grow up to 6m in height but they can be pruned to be kept more compact. Excellent foliage colour in Autumn.

Malus ioensis Plena
Malus ioensis Plena

Japanese Maples.

Much like the Magnolias, there is a Japanese Maple to suit every space. Leaves are the real focal point of these trees with some as delicate as lace, while others are bold and red-purple during the warmer weather. They can handle a range of conditions depending on which variety you go with. Starting at about 2m all the way up to 6m, we can’t think of a garden that isn’t improved by them!

Acer p. Seiryu

Cercis varieties.

These trees are the hot thing right now and we can definitely see why! Starting with the compact Cercis Avondale which grows to 3m, up to the Cercis Forest Pansy which reaches 5m, their spring displays along with their big heart shaped leaves make them a real show Stopper! Cercis are at their best when in a morning sun or south facing position. With those big leaves it is also a good idea to protect from strong wind!

Forest pansy

Cercis Avondale


Sophisticated and timeless, these woodland trees never cease to impress. With flower colours ranging from white through pink, their delicate flowers and graceful habit make them a tree to love. Best in morning or filtered sun, they are great in a cool shady spot in the garden. 4m to 8m tall for the larger vaieties.

Crepe Myrtle.

While most people are familiar with the larger growing of the Crepe Myrltes, there are also some fantastic smaller trees available. Zuni and Tonto both don’t grow much bigger than 3.5m and their floral display really packs a punch! Perfect for a sunny or hot position!

Weeping trees.

If your height is really limited or you’re trying not to block a view, then a weeping tree could be the one for you! With some liking lots of sun, like the weeping mulberry, to those who thrive in the shade, weeping maple. There are those who have magnificent floral displays like the weeping cherry to those with autumn and winter interest like a weeping birch. The height of a weeping tree is dependent on the height of the graft, so be sure to ask the eventual size when you visit a nursery!

Weeping Mulberry

Weeping Mulberry

Weeping cherry

Weeping Cherries are beautiful all year round


Evergreen Magnolias.

A favourite amongst Melbourne gardens, the evergreen Magnolias kick a lot of green goals. Our 2 favourite varieties are Teddy Bear and Kay Paris. Teddy Bear Magnolias have seen a surge in popularity in recent years and we can see why. Large lime green rounded leaves have a fuzzy brown underside and the flowers are huge and stunning. They grow to a max height of 4m and are great in a row or as a stand alone tree. Kay Paris has a much longer and pointed leaf and the brown underside is less pronounced. These trees are great planted in a row to form a screen and look spectacular when they are all out in flowers. Kay Paris grows to a max of 6m but can be pruned to keep smaller.

Kay Paris



A lovely native, we have 2 varieties currently available. Burgundy sprouts a deep purple new growth which fades to an olive green. Lemon and Limes has bright lime leaves which stand out magnificently in the garden. Growing to 3m to 4m they have a graceful weeping habit that adds softness to the landscape.

Agonis Burgundy


Corymbia ficifolia varieties.

A favourite for native gardeners, or those wanting a low fuss tree. Iconic for their mass flower dispays, huge gum nuts and dense, bushy canopy, they are as robust as they are beautiful! We carry a number of different colours and heights in these beautiful trees.  Currently in stock is Corymbia ‘Precious’ which grows to 6m with bright pink flowers.

Nepalese Blue Bamboo.

While not a true tree, the Nepalese Blue is a great option if you are looking for compact height. Growing to 3m and is happy in sun to part shade with regular water.



The following trees grow to a size that makes the manageable in a smaller garden where they can double as a shade tree.

Citrus: Lemon, lime, orange, blood orange, tangelo, mandarin, cumquat, grapefuit

Fig trees are beautiful and delicious

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