Winter, there’s no time to have the Winter blues!

winter planting

Winter might be the dullest time of the year, the time of year that we wish would hurry up and be over, counting down the days till Spring. But Winter is not the time to disappear inside, there are so many chores in the garden to get ready for the next season that makes the Winter months less depressing and get us excited about Spring, which is just around the corner.


It is time to prune roses! The more you can cut back, the greater your rewards will be in Springtime as roses flower on the new seasons growth. Leaving 3 or 4 canes cut right back to the main stem is plenty.

planting in winter

When deciduous trees turn bare in winter it can be a really great time to prune them. Why? Because the bare branches enable you to see the true structure of the tree so you can shape it to your liking! On top of that, pruning during winter encourages a flush of gorgeous new growth come Spring time.


During winter many plants go dormant so now is not the time to fertilize. You must show your love in some way a small dose of kelp tonic never goes astray. Although winter flowering plants like Camellieas and Daphnes can all still be fertilized!

tips for planting in winter


Adding compost to the garden can be done year-round. At-home compost systems may take longer for scraps to break down as they require warms to do so! Keeping compost extra warm this time of year is a good idea.


Mulching during winter is a fantastic way to trap warmth in the soil to keep your plants warm and cosy in the cold weather. We recommend organic sugar cane mulch as this can be used on a wide variety of plants. As a bonus it can help suppress weeds and adds essential organic matter to the soil as it breaks down.

winter planting tips


In Australia our winters are not too harsh so you can get away with planting some hardy Australian Natives. Other things to plant include winter vegetables such as Garlic, Broccoli and Potatoes!

Indoor plants

Huddle plants closer together for extra warmth during winter! Move them as close to windows as possible for increased light intake while the daylight hours are shorter. Final tip, make sure plants are away from heaters as these can really dry them out and scorch their pretty leaves.